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Heavy equipment cabin air filter for SDLG LG60 65 660E 680 675F Excavator

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Heavy equipment cabin air filter for SDLG LG60 65 660E 680 675F Excavator


Why should the cabin air filter be changed regularly ?


Today, I will talk to you about the importance of regularly replacing the cabin air filter. Regular replacement of the cabin air filter protects your safety like a mask.


The function and recommended replacement cycle of cabin air filter


(1) The role of the cabin air filter:


During the driving of the car, there will be a large number of fine particles invisible to the naked eye, such as dust, dust, pollen, bacteria, industrial waste gas, and enter the air conditioning system. The function of the car cabin air filter is to filter out these harmful substances, improve the air quality in the car, create a safe and comfortable breathing environment for the passengers in the car, and protect the health of the people in the car.


(2) Recommended replacement cycle:


Replace the original Mercedes-Benz cabin air filter every 20,000 kilometers or every 2 years, whichever comes first;


For areas with severe weather pollution and frequent haze, as well as sensitive groups (the elderly, children or those who are prone to allergies), the replacement time should be appropriately shortened and the replacement frequency should be increased.


Risk of not replacing in time:


The surface of the cabin air filter used for a long time will absorb a large amount of dust, which will block the filter layer, reduce the air permeability of the cabin air filter, and reduce the amount of fresh air entering the car. Passengers in the car may feel dizzy or tired due to lack of oxygen, which affects driving safety.


Many customers think that they can continue to use the filter after removing the floating soil on the surface. However, in fact, the activated carbon layer in the old cabin air filter will be saturated due to the adsorption of too many harmful gases, and it will no longer have an adsorption effect and is irreversible. Long-term use of a failed cabin air filter will damage the health of passengers' respiratory tract and lungs and other human organs.


At the same time, if the cabin air filter is not replaced for a long time, the air inlet will be blocked, the air output of the cold air will be small, and the cooling will be slow.


The hidden dangers of using fake accessories


The filter material is poor, and the filtering effect of pollen, dust and other harmful substances is not obvious;


Due to the small filter area, it is easy to form blockage after use, resulting in insufficient fresh air in the car, and it is easy to make passengers feel tired;


No nanofiber layer is assembled and cannot filter PM2.5;


The amount of activated carbon particles is small or even does not contain activated carbon, which cannot effectively absorb harmful gases such as industrial exhaust gas, and long-term use will pose a hazard to the health of passengers;


Using the simplest non-hard plastic solid frame design, it is easy to be deformed by moisture or pressure, lose the filtering effect, and affect the health of passengers.




1. When driving in an environment with air pollution, it can be switched to the internal circulation mode for a short time to ensure the air quality in the car and prolong the life of the cabin air filter (the vehicle will automatically switch to the external circulation mode after the internal circulation of the air conditioner works for a period of time. bad mode to avoid causing physical discomfort);


2. Clean the air conditioning system (evaporation box, air duct and in-car sterilization) at least once a year;


3. When the weather is not hot, roll down the windows on both sides of the vehicle and open more windows for ventilation to keep the air in the car fresh;


4. When driving with the air conditioner on normally, you can turn off the refrigeration pump before arriving at the destination, but keep the air supply function on, and let the natural wind dry the water in the evaporation box;


There is a lot of rain in summer, try to reduce the car driving on the wading road, otherwise it will cause a lot of sediment on the lower part of the air conditioner condenser, which will cause the condenser to rust after a long time, thus shortening the service life of the air conditioner.


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