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Air conditioner filters are like masks that people wear. If the air filter cannot effectively filter out the suspended particles in the air, it will accelerate the wear of the cylinder, piston and piston ring in the light, and cause the cylinder to be strained and shorten the service life of the engine. How to use and maintain the air filter: 1: When choosing an air filter, you can’t just be cheap and not quality. You should shop around, choose carefully, and always insist on quality first.

2. If the air conditioner filter is arbitrarily removed or not replaced after damage, it will cause the engine to directly inhale unfiltered air.

Tests show that after removing the air conditioner filter, the wear of the engine cylinder increases by 8 times, the wear of the piston increases by 3 times, and the wear of the piston ring increases by 9 times. , maintenance and replacement contact the actual. The maintenance and replacement cycle of the air-conditioning filter is related to the operating environment. Often driving in a dusty environment, the maintenance or replacement cycle of the air filter should be shorter, otherwise it can be appropriately extended.

Fourth, the inspection method of the air-conditioning filter for the old car is to check from the working state of the engine, such as dull roaring, slow acceleration response, weak work, rising water temperature, and thick exhaust smoke during acceleration. The appearance of the air filter indicates that the air filter may be blocked, and the filter element should be removed for maintenance or replacement in time.

Five: When maintaining the air conditioner filter, you should pay attention to the changes in the color of the inner and outer surfaces of the filter element. After removing the dust, if the outer surface of the filter paper is cleaned and the inner surface is bright, the filter element can continue to be used; if the outer surface of the filter paper has lost its natural color or the inner surface is dark, it must be replaced.

Disadvantages of not changing the air conditioner filter

The steam filter that is about to be blocked or uses a long-kilometer and a poor flow rate initially shows that the high-speed engine is gnawing, and the low-speed has little effect. But there is a mere steam filter, there is no need to wait for him to die and the vehicle to lie down before changing it.

Post time: Mar-17-2022