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QS NO.: SK-1117A

CROSS  REFERENCE: 6128-81-7320  600-181-4400    76570088



LARGEST OD: 375/306(MM)



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Analysis and Selection of the Function of Excavator Air Filter

It is used to filter out contaminants that may invade valves and other components, and can withstand the working pressure and shock pressure on the valve.

Absorb moisture. Because the filter material used in the filter element includes glass fiber cotton, filter paper, knitted cotton sleeve and other filter materials, these materials have the function of adsorption. The glass fiber cotton can break the oil spores and separate the water, and other materials can absorb water. , which plays a role in filtering the moisture in the oil.

If the filter element cannot completely filter out the water in the oil, it will be used with the separation filter element.

What to pay attention to when installing the filter element

(1) Before installation, check whether the filter element is damaged and whether the O-ring is in good condition.
(2) When installing the filter element, keep your hands clean, or wear clean gloves.
(3) Vaseline can be smeared on the outside of the O-ring before installation to facilitate installation.
(4) When installing the filter element, do not remove the packaging plastic bag, but pull the plastic bag backwards, and after the upper head leaks out, hold the lower head of the filter element with the left hand and the filter element body with the right hand, and put the filter element into the filter element holder of the tray Inside, press down firmly, remove the plastic bag after installation.

1. Under what special circumstances do you need to replace the oil filter and fuel filter?
The fuel filter is to remove iron oxide, dust and other magazines in the fuel, prevent the fuel system from clogging, reduce mechanical wear, and ensure the stable operation of the engine.
Under normal circumstances, the replacement cycle of the engine fuel filter element is 250 hours for the first operation, and every 500 hours after that. The replacement time should be flexibly controlled according to the different fuel quality grades.
When the filter element pressure gauge alarms or indicates that the pressure is abnormal, it is necessary to check whether the filter is abnormal, and if so, it must be changed.
When there is leakage or rupture and deformation on the surface of the filter element, it is necessary to check whether the filter is abnormal, and if so, it must be replaced.

2. Is the higher the filtration precision of the oil filter element, the better?
For an engine or equipment, a proper filter element should achieve a balance between filtration efficiency and ash holding capacity. Using a filter element with a high filtration precision may shorten the service life of the filter element due to the low ash capacity of the filter element, thereby increasing the risk of premature clogging of the oil filter element.

3. What is the difference between inferior oil and fuel filter and pure oil and fuel filter on equipment?
Pure oil and fuel filter elements can effectively protect the equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment; inferior oil and fuel filter elements cannot protect the equipment well, prolong the service life of the equipment, and even worsen the use of the equipment.

4. What benefits can the use of high-quality oil and fuel filter bring to the machine?
The use of high-quality oil and fuel filter elements can effectively extend the life of the equipment, reduce maintenance costs, and save money for users.

5. The equipment has passed the warranty period and has been used for a long time. Is it necessary to use high-quality high-quality filter elements?
Engines with older equipment are more prone to wear and tear, resulting in cylinder pull. As a result, older equipment requires high-quality filters to stabilize the escalating wear and maintain engine performance.
Otherwise, you'll have to spend a fortune on repairs, or you'll have to scrap your engine out early. By using genuine filter elements, you can ensure that your total operating costs (total cost of maintenance, repair, overhaul and depreciation) are minimized, and you can also extend the life of your engine.

6. As long as the filter element is cheap, can it be installed on the engine in good condition?
Many domestic filter element manufacturers simply copy and imitate the geometric size and appearance of the original parts, but do not pay attention to the engineering standards that the filter element should meet, or even do not understand the content of the engineering standards.
The filter element is designed to protect the engine system. If the performance of the filter element cannot meet the technical requirements and the filtering effect is lost, the performance of the engine will be significantly reduced and the service life of the engine will be shortened.
For example, the life of a diesel engine is directly related to the amount of dust that is "eaten" in advance of engine damage. Therefore, inefficient and inferior filter elements will cause more magazines to enter the engine system, resulting in an early overhaul of the engine.

7. The filter element used did not bring any problems to the machine, so is it unnecessary for the user to spend more money to buy a high-quality filter element?
You probably won't see the effects of an inefficient, low-quality filter element on your engine right away. The engine may appear to be running normally, but harmful impurities may have already entered the engine system and started causing engine parts to corrode, rust, wear, etc.

Product description


QS NO.  SK-1117A
CROSS  REFERENCE  6128-81-7320  600-181-4400    76570088
LARGEST OD  375/306(MM)


QS NO.  SK-1117B
CROSS  REFERENCE  6127-81-7412
DONALDSON  P804215      
LARGEST OD  217/184(MM)

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