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SY-2300 JCB Backhoe loader 3CX 4CX hydraulic filter for JCB 32910100 32913500 32913600 32925346 PT23103MPG P564859 HF28948

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QS NO.: SY-2300

OEM NO. : JCB 32910100 JCB 32913500 JCB 32913600 JCB 32925346 YANMAR 17219473710 DEMAG 42059012 DEMAG 42208912 GROVE 9347100593

CROSS  REFERENCE: PT23103MPG P564859 HF28948




OVERALL HEIGHT: 229/214/200 (MM)

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The hydraulic oil filter element

The hydraulic oil filter element is specially used to purify and filter impurities in various oil filter systems. Mainly installed in the oil return pipeline, oil suction pipeline, pressure pipeline, separate filter system, etc. Effectively purify the oil to keep each system in the best working condition and prolong the service life of the equipment. The commonly used hydraulic oil filter element adopts the folded wave form, which effectively increases the filtering area and makes the filtering more efficient. Our company can customize super pressure-resistant type, large-flow type, high temperature-resistant type, economical type, etc. according to the needs of various industries.

End cap types: lathe parts, metal stamping parts, rubber injection parts, etc.

Connection Type: Welding, Combination, Adhesive.

Filter material: metal fiber sintered felt, stainless steel filter, multi-layer sintered mesh, stainless steel porous plate, glass fiber filter, chemical fiber filter, wood pulp filter paper.

The hydraulic oil filter element is mainly installed in the hydraulic system: on the oil suction road, on the pressure oil road, on the oil return line, on the bypass, and on a separate filter system.

The hydraulic oil filter element is mainly made of stainless steel woven mesh, sintered mesh, and iron woven mesh. Because the filter materials it uses are mainly glass fiber filter paper, chemical fiber filter paper, and wood pulp filter paper, it has high concentricity and high pressure. , Good straightness, its structure is made of single-layer or multi-layer metal mesh and filter material, the number of layers and the mesh number of the mesh are determined according to different use conditions and uses.

Trial range:

1. It is used for the filtration of the hydraulic system of rolling mills and continuous casting machines and the filtration of various lubricating equipment.

2. Petrochemical: separation and recovery of products and intermediate products in the process of oil refining and chemical production, purification of liquids, purification of magnetic tapes, optical discs and photographic films in manufacturing, and particle removal and filtration of oilfield well water and natural gas.

3. Textile: Purification and uniform filtration of polyester melt in the process of drawing, protection and filtration of air compressors, and degreasing and dehydration of compressed gas.

4. Electronics and pharmaceuticals: pretreatment and filtration of reverse osmosis water and deionized water, pretreatment and filtration of washing liquid and glucose.

5. Mechanical processing equipment: lubrication systems and compressed air for papermaking machinery, mining machinery, injection molding machines and large precision machinery

purification, dust recovery and filtration of tobacco processing equipment and spraying equipment.

6. Railway internal combustion engine and generator: filtration of lubricating oil and oil.

7. Various hydraulic oil filters for automobile engines and construction machinery, ships and trucks.

8. Thermal power and nuclear power: oil purification of gas turbine, boiler lubrication system, speed control system, bypass control system, purification of feed water pump, fan and dust removal system

9. Various lifting and handling operations: from construction machinery such as hoisting and loading to special vehicles such as fire fighting, maintenance and handling, ship cranes, windlasses, blast furnaces, steel-making equipment, ship locks, opening and closing devices for ship doors, Elevating orchestra pits and stages in theaters, various automatic conveying lines, etc.

10. Various operating devices that require force such as pushing, squeezing, pressing, shearing, cutting, and excavation: hydraulic presses, die-casting, forming, rolling, calendering, stretching, and shearing equipment of metal materials, plastic injection molding machines, plastic Chemical machinery such as extruders, tractors, harvesters and other agricultural and forestry machinery for felling and mining, excavation equipment for tunnels, mines and ground, steering gears for various ships, etc.

11. High-response, high-precision control: tracking and driving of artillery, stabilization of turret, anti-swing of ships, attitude control of aircraft and missiles, high-precision positioning system of machining machine tools, driving and control of industrial robots, metal sheet Thickness control of pressing and leather slices, speed control of power station generators, high-performance vibration tables and testing machines, large-scale motion simulators and entertainment facilities with multiple degrees of freedom, etc.

12. Automatic manipulation and control of various work program combinations: combined machine tools, automatic machining lines, etc.

13. Special workplace: operating equipment in special environments such as underground, underwater, and explosion-proof.

Product description

SY-2300 JCB Backhoe loader 3CX 4CX hydraulic filter for JCB 32910100 32913500 32913600 32925346 PT23103MPG P564859 HF28948


QS NO. SY-2300
OEM NO. JCB 32910100 JCB 32913500 JCB 32913600 JCB 32925346 YANMAR 17219473710 DEMAG 42059012 DEMAG 42208912 GROVE 9347100593
OVERALL HEIGHT 229/214/200 (MM)

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