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SY-2795 JCB backhoe loader hydraulic suction oil filter element JCB 32/920300 JCB 332/B1918 SH 77095

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QS NO.: SY-2795

OEM NO. :JCB 32/920300 JCB 332/B1918


APPLICATION: JCB backhoe loader



OVERALL HEIGHT: 320/280/268 (MM)

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How to choose a hydraulic oil suction filter?

How to choose a hydraulic oil suction filter? In fact, the purchase of oil suction filter mainly depends on three points: the first is accuracy, each hydraulic system must consider the purity of hydraulic oil, which is also the original purpose of using oil filter. The second is strength and corrosion resistance; finally, filter elements with different filtering functions and precision are selected according to different installation positions.

Advantages of oil suction filter:

1. There are many layers of filter material, and the ripples are neat

2. Easy to install

3. The inner skeleton is firm

4. High filtration precision

5. Large amount of pollution

6. Fast filtering speed

7. Reduce bearing wear

8. Extend the service life of oil

Oil suction filter technical parameters:

Material: glass fiber filter paper-BN stainless steel woven mesh-W wood pulp filter paper-P stainless steel sintered mesh-V

Filtration precision: 1μ - 100μ

Working pressure: 21bar-210bar

Working medium: general hydraulic oil, phosphate ester hydraulic oil, emulsion, water-glycol

Working temperature: -30℃——+110℃

Sealing material: fluorine rubber ring, nitrile rubber

Structural strength: 1.0Mpa, 2.0Mpa, 16.0Mpa, 21.0Mpa

Oil suction filter requirements:

1. Strength requirements, production integrity requirements, withstand pressure difference, bear installation external force, bear pressure difference alternating load.

2. Requirements for smoothness of oil passage and flow resistance characteristics.

3. Resistant to a certain high temperature and compatible with the working medium.

4. The fibers of the filter layer cannot be displaced and fall off.

5. It can carry more dirt.

6. It can be used normally in high altitude and cold areas.

7. Fatigue resistance, fatigue strength under alternating flow.

8. The cleanliness of the filter element itself must meet the standard.

Scope of application of oil suction filter:

1. It is used for the filtration of the hydraulic system of rolling mills and continuous casting machines and the filtration of various lubricating equipment.

2. Petrochemical: separation and recovery of products and intermediate products in the process of oil refining and chemical production, liquid purification, purification of magnetic tapes, optical discs and photographic films in manufacturing, and particle removal and filtration of oilfield well injection water and natural gas.

3. Textile: Purification and uniform filtration of polyester melt in the process of drawing, protection and filtration of air compressors, and degreasing and water removal of compressed gas.

4. Electronics and pharmaceuticals: pre-treatment and filtration of reverse osmosis water and deionized water, pre-treatment and filtration of cleaning solution and glucose.

5. Mechanical processing equipment: lubrication system and compressed air purification of papermaking machinery, mining machinery, injection molding machine and large precision machinery, dust recovery and filtration of processing equipment and spraying equipment.

6. Railway internal combustion engine and generator: filtration of lubricating oil and oil.

Various hydraulic oil filters for automobile engines and construction machinery, ships and trucks.

Product description

SY-2795 JCB backhoe loader hydraulic suction oil filter element JCB 32/920300 JCB 332/B1918 SH 77095

QS NO. SY-2795
OEM NO. JCB 32/920300 JCB 332/B1918
APPLICATION JCB backhoe loader
OVERALL HEIGHT 320/280/268 (MM)


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